Lansley heckled in Downing Street protest



BBC Online, News, Politics.20th Feb 2012. Lansley heckled in Downing Street protest. (Accessed on 20th Feb 2012)

29. camsw4

The NHS has issues yes! However I dont think the use of more private companies will necessarily make it better.

As an American having lived in London the last ten years I can tell you first hand what a nightmare private companies running health services is. They are beaurocratic, wasteful, and just as inefficient.

The NHS isnt perfect but boy are we lucky to have it.

786. ship-of-fools

I've have used private health treatment just the once. Unlike the NHS there was no follow-up, no post-op physio. I was simply told that if I had any problems to visit either my GP or the local A & E if it was urgent.

I paid many thousands for what I was initially led to believe would be superior treatment. The only superior aspect was the attitude of the receptionists. Never again, KILL THE BILL!

782. teedoff

Working on the principles inculcated through not inviting people who disagree with you to decision-making meetings, does this mean that Labour are now personae non grata in the House of Commons?

Refusing to deal with or discuss with people who disagree with your stance is pretty much the definition of dictatorship, when you're the one in power.

763. cantonboycardiff

How can anybody trust health care companies whose sole purpose is financial gain above so called patient care?

The whole PIP Implant debacle should be a warning to our politicians these businesses used the cheapest product to maximise their profit and then it went belly up its the NHS who has to repair the damage these fly by night business men who refuse or disappear.

671. ship-of-fools

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

Apologies to Edward Burke.

Nothing seems to change save for the faces &7 March, 2013p; is implemented then we'll all be the poorer.

You won't know it until you have need of the NHS as it was.

Be aware of what's being done

663. Loony Liberal

Nice my comment questioning (the lack of) democracy in Britain was removed despite being it on +12. Obviously couldn't have been that offensive? I'm going to post it again as I feel it's important:

"Unelected toffs pushing through the biggest unwanted reforms to our National Health Service after pledging on their manifesto to protect the NHS from exactly that. Welcome to democratic Britain."

644. marie

Just out of curiosity has anyone ever tried getting private health insurance AFTER developing a serious chronic illness or when they have one of the types of illness or disability not clearly stated in the small-print?

569. ton8ray

I have worked with and seen how passionate clinicians are about patient care. Some would kill each other if it meant saving a patient, so the best thing for all concerned is for those attending this meeting to declare their opposition to it and kill the bill stone dead.

The reforms need to be right for everyone, most of all the patients, who seem to be the least important people in all of this.

557. Susan

England gets a raw deal. I live on a remote Scottish island and as I’ve said before, obtain first class treatment and access to it – be it here or on the mainland. The waiting times are truly minimal.

If that was privatised, I might as well get some compost ready to push up the daisies.

544. ship-of-fools

This is the grand finalé of Thatchers, Milton Friedman inspired, privatisation program coming to it's unholy conclusion.

Even she baulked at this privatisation despite encouragement from Friedman. It seems that the Iron Lady possessed more political savvy & survival skills than Flashman has.

He really does insult the electorate with his spin, PR and vacuous waffle.

Bring on the tumbrils.

525. Total Mass Retain 7 March, 2013ate business can provide the level of service at a lower cost, why not let them do so?"

Private businesses can choose the markets/customers that are most profitable to them and exclude markets/customers that lose them money. The NHS is required to treat all patients according to their need and irrespective of their ability to pay, unlike any other business (inc utilities)

476. guitarman08

It shows that Cameron is a dictator, No10 has just made a statement that the reason certain bodies have not been invited to the discussions is because they are opposed to the changes, its a disgrace and its time the people of this country did something about it.

428. Ex Tory Voter

"424.Angry Brentford
Start an E-petition, I'll sign that, but you will have to word it very carfully or this "open Government" might reject it"

No need to start one :

I fully expect Cameron to ignore it, but when the trouble starts at least he cannot deny he was warned.

414. marie

385 Prophaniti Perhaps when you have need to use the NHS & find it gone, perhaps then & only then you will understand the point of it.

Not everyone gets seriously ill/disabled but if you have the misfortune to & for it to be long term, unless you have a big pot of gold somewhere, under a private system it's likely you'd rapidly end up destitute.

It isn't only your 'lefties' who are concerned.

406. Dal

My daughter has had 2 heart operations in the past 2 months (since Birth) and is being cared for by the NHS @ Brompton. If Cameron could see the NHS at its very finest, he'd not want to change a thing. Maybe he forgets his son was treated by likewise professionals.

I'm so proud of the NHS and grateful, to see it privatised and focus on profit would be a heartbreaking.

401. Anonymous Please

@29 (who is an American living in the UK): I agree wholeheartedly - having experienced the US and the UK health systems I strongly prefer the UK's.

I think people in the UK sometimes underestimate the massive bureaucracy required for hybrid public/private systems, and the degree to which privates companies exploit taxpayers when they gain access to public funds.

The UK 'reforms' are a bad idea.

356. LynnMD

I teach the Sociology of healthcare. I show a graph to my students which compares the amount spent on health care and the average lifespan.

The USA spends massively more than any other developed country and has an average life expectancy equivalent to that of Cuba which spends amongst the least.

Private companies have to make money for shareholders.

Money taken out can't be spent on patients

338. stevie

Never bodes well for democracy when a PM excludes all those with concerns. The promises that the NHS was safe in his hands ring hollow now.

The proposals, regardless of Clegg's protestations, are already costing the NHS millions in reorganisation and will cost even more when a future government has to bail out companies such as Circle Health, the NHS is like the banks, can't be let to go bankrupt.

332. pyoorkate

The NHS certainly needs reforms, and there is quite definitely a need to reduce bureaucracy within it, but these changes are certainly not going to achieve that aim.

Anyone who examines them can see they will massively increase bureaucracy and wasteful expenditure. They will compromise patient care, and lead to the the collapse of the NHS - enabling its privatisation.

316. Perpetual Sigh

This is basically Obama in reverse - he took countless shortcuts in getting his healthcare reforms accepted.

The only difference was that US healthcare is notoriously bad, whereas Britain's NHS is one of the world's leading public services regardless of its flaws.

Reform is one thing, selling off large sections to make a few people richer during a recession is a travesty. Drop this bill, or else.

24. benblack

No mention ANYWHERE of Dave's trip to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle on 15th Feb, where the nurses ignored him and those who spoke up were quickly bundled off and face disciplinaries.

Oh, and the journalists were kept locked in a waiting room so they couldn't film this. Transparency Dave? We can see right through the lies to the vested interests.

27. camsw4

I think the PM/Lansley need to be honest. The Bill is about outsourcing NHS care to private providers who stem to make profit and will probably cut services, staff wages etc.

The focus should have been on streamlining the NHS, reducing inequality, and improving elderly care. Much of the latter and social services is in private hands and look at the poor condition thats in.

No to the Bill!

7. Camsbridge

This article fails to mention that the Royal College of GPs, the very people who are expected to enact these awful reforms, was also not invited to this meeting!

How can the Prime Minister reasonably hold a meeting on "implementing the reforms" without including the primary implementers!

35. Fairy

The Health and Social Care Bill is almost universally disliked among health care professionals.

Many different providers of health care will lead to a disjointed service, far more paper work and a poorer service for those requiring health care.

No one voted for this bill, it was not in the Conservative manifesto and it should not be imposed upon us.

104. gingerchris90

This meeting is a FARCE!

All the groups which opposed Camerons NHS plans such as the Royal College of Nurses & Midwives, The Royal College of GPs, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, The British Medical Association, and the Faculty of Public Health have been banned from attending.

This is nothing more than a puppet show.

Google 'Andrew Lansley Bankrolled by Private Health'.

Sign the Epetition.

5. mspritch

"Opening up to competition from the private sector"?

In other words, let private healthcare firms (who are in it to make money) cherry-pick the most lucrative work, leaving the NHS to collapse under the weight of the rest, at which point the private sector can go back to charging what it likes with no free competition.

In short, the Tories are picking up where they left off and killing the NHS.

The End

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