Critical doctors 'locked out' of Downing Street NHS meeting



The Independent Online, News, UK, UK Politics.20th Feb 2012. Critical doctors 'locked out' of Downing Street NHS meeting. (Accessed on 20th Feb 2012)


As a salaried GP I was employed by a PCT. At the instigation of the government the PCT left the NHS and became a 'not for profit' Social Enterprise. This wasn't put to any local vote. So now I'm not employed by the NHS. I have been offered the chance to buy shares in the Social Enterprise but any logic to this escapes me.

As you can see disintegration of the NHS is taking place before the bill becomes law.

The reforms are not GP led. They are Tory ideology led (USA STYLE free market shall rule).

But many GPs have supported them by forming CCGs. However many GPs including most of those in the Royal College of GPs oppose the privatisation of the NHS and have voted for the bill to be scrapped.
But the RCGP is excluded from the number 10 talks.

A totalitarian move.


It's no use howling about how wrong it all is and then meekly falling into line with government diktat after the Bill has been forced through. When is somebody actually going to stand up to this government instead of allowing it to ride roughshod imposing measures for which it has no mandate like a playground bully?

Now even so arrogant and cocksure that it thinks it can disregard the very people it expects to do its dirty work implementing the reforms?

We've seen today the result of allowing private companies to profit in the employment field, with the reports about A4E. It's time to act before the same happens to the NHS.

The doctors and nurses have the backing of the public, the government has no mandate for the reforms. The medical organizations should call the government's bluff and give notice that their members will refuse to co-operate with the administration of the scheme and may strike if it is forced on them.

If the government tries to use the "putting patients' lives at risk ploy", that can be turned back on them, as it is the government that will be doing that. However, I'm not holding my breath that anyone will at last give a lead in defying Cameron, but I hope they do.


How stupid can this man Cameron be? Does he not realise that by hiding his head in the sand he is actively fomenting unrest within the ranks of the medical fraternity.

These people do NOT normally7 March, 2013so, so he is playing on their loyalties to their patients and their colleagues to elicit their tacit - and unwilling - approval to his plans for stealthy privatisation of the Health Service.

As a long-term user of the NHS in the past, and with my wife currently in poor health, I still sincerely hope that the doctors, nurses, and health-care workers call his bluff!

Cameron is playing the dirtiest of tricks on the citizens of England.

How on earth in the most recent opinion poll, can this government of Thatcher idolaters stand ahead of all competition?

Anyone who contemplates voting for them need to have their brains tested!

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