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This website is based on the premise that the National Health Service is a unique and important entity, that not only delivers a comprehensive centrally funded healthcare service based on need, but is also an important vehicle for the training of future doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff.

It is also the cradle-bed of essential and continuous clinical research, which is then disseminated in an open source manner among NHS hospitals and institutions in order to further improve patient care..

It is also about how the "Hippocratic Oath" and "Caritas" ethos of care is analogous to the open source principles, where the "code" or the "knowledge" is continually developed by all in the same profession, with continuous user/patient feedback, for the unrestricted end use and betterment of practice of each individual member in the community, in order to better serve our patients or users .

The core principles of iterations in medical training and sharing of knowledge in an open source manner also makes it the single largest unrecognised open source movement in the world.

It is the believe of the author that commercialisation and/or privatisation of the NHS will negate all the above benefits, and that the whole of the NHS will bring greater benefits to the people of UK and beyond, than the sum of its parts, no matter how "efficient", ever can.

This website is independent of all sponsorship, and does not represent the endorsement of any organisation or institution, implied or otherwise.

The author has worked as a clinician in the NHS for over 10 years, and has a great love for:


The openNHS logo symbolises the iterative and incremental process involved in the development of clinical knowledge in the NHS. Iteration and incremental development also applies in software engineering.

The "O" represents open source, and is also a symbol of the need to protect the NHS as a most unique entity in clinical training and the application of medical knowledge accumulated in the best interest of patients.

The colour green was chosen as it represents the power of "regeneration", which is clearly inherent in trees and grass. These elements provide the "fabric", upon which the cycle of life unfolds over and over again in perpetuity.

The patients themselves are the source of knowledge for the doctors. Hence the circle completes itself, and will never be broken as long as this knowledge is taught and passed-on to future generations of clinicians in training and they continue to do the same for generations to come.


The website and its contents is subject to the GNU General Public Licence and GNU Free Documentation Licence. It is a reciprocal licensing scheme and requires that the licence be propagated in any distribution of the original work in any form.

See the Free Software Foundation website for more information.


Page Updated: 27 May, 2017

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